Best available techniques

In accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP is working to obtain a comprehensive environmental permit.
A comprehensive environmental permit is a document aimed at ensuring comprehensive prevention of environmental pollution using the best available techniques, minimizing and controlling negative man-made impacts.
In accordance with Art. 113 of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, best available techniques (hereinafter referred to as BAT) are understood as the most effective and advanced stage of development of activities and methods of their implementation, which indicates their practical suitability to serve as the basis for establishing technological standards and other environmental conditions aimed at preventing or, if this is not practicable, minimizing the negative anthropogenic impact on the environment.
Based on the results of an assessment of the enterprise carried out in 2021, an expert group issued a conclusion on the compliance of the technological processes of Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP with the principles of BAT, and noted the introduction of a large number of BAT, which makes it possible to achieve the European level of technological standards for negative impacts on the environment.
At the same time, Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP continues to actively implement techniques and measures to reduce the impact on the environment.
The main events of 2023 are:
-completion of the project “Construction of Bitumen Production Unit Furnace”;
-the beginning of the implementation of the project “Construction of a Filtered Wastewater Station after 1 biological treatment system of the Water Supply and Sewerage workshop.”