Production and consumption waste: 

Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP (hereinafter referred to as POCR LLP) has developed the Waste Management Program for 2023–2024.
The waste management program is the main, basic document in the field of waste management and is an integral part of the environmental permit.
Waste management is the operations carried out on waste from its generation to final disposal.
Waste management operations include:
- accumulation of waste at the site of its generation;
- waste collection;
- waste transportation;
- waste recovery;
- waste removal;
- auxiliary operations;
- conducting observations of waste collection, transportation, recovery and (or) disposal operations;
- activities for servicing liquidated (closed, decommissioned) waste disposal facilities.
Waste is a substance, material or item generated in the process of production, performance of work, provision of services or in the process of consumption (including goods that have lost their consumer properties), which their owner directly recognizes as waste or must be sent for disposal or recovery by virtue of required by law or intends to undergo, or is subject to, removal or restoration operations.
The purpose of management and control over the management of production and consumption waste is:
- reducing their negative impact on the environment;
- ensuring minimization of the impact of enterprise waste on environmental components at all stages of their management;
- ensuring compliance with the requirements regulated by regulatory and legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and technological regulations for waste management;
- inventory of production and consumption waste of the enterprise and the ways of its formation in order to fulfill the above points.
The management of waste generated as a result of production processes and economic activities of POCR LLP is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
POCR LLP has a departmental solid waste storage facility on its balance sheet. The storage facility is located in a western direction from the plant at a distance of 300 meters, the area is 19.1 hectares, the structure has 15 cards, the design capacity of the landfill is 149,481 tons. The storage facility is designed for temporary storage and disposal of waste.

Volume of waste buried at the solid waste storage facility, tons:

The volume of buried waste at the storage facility is 2.6% of the total volume of waste generation; the rest of the waste is processed at the enterprise and transferred to specialized enterprises for recovery and disposal.
The main types of waste generated during the production activities of Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP are oil-containing waste, which is processed at Flotweg’s own installation .

Oily waste,
processed in our own installation Flotweg , tons:

Waste management costs for 2023 amounted to 603 million tenge.