Commodity and raw feed tank farms

Commodity and raw feed tank farms are designed for:

-       Intake and accumulation of crude oil;

-       Intake and accumulation of finished products produced at the Refinery;

-       Intake, accumulation and return of feedstock for process units of the Refinery;

dispatching finished products to oil products loading racks.

The commodity and raw feed tank farms have been commissioned in 1978. They include 68 tanks with capacity of 50, 20, 10, 5 thousand m3.

LPG Storage

LPG storage is designed for collection, storage, certification and loading of liquefied hydrocarbon gases produced at the refinery. The design of LPG storage has been developed by institute "Grozgiproneftekhim" (Grozny city). LPG storage was put into operation in 1978. It includes 28 vessels with total capacity of 8000 m3, LPG loading rack for 30 rail car tanks.

Oil Products Loading / Discharge Racks

Oil Products Loading/Discharge Racks of OPCL are designed for loading of oil products from commodity and raw feed tank farms and pump-house of compounding with inhibition station to rail road oil tanks and motor road tankers, for discharge of oil products coming to the refinery by rail road, as well as for unloading of oil products out of faulty rail road oil tanks. The oil products loading/dispatch racks were commissioned in 1978.