Highest Management Body
Sole participant
Management Body
Supervisory board of POCR LLP
Executive Body
Board of POCR LLP
Current Plant Management
General Director,
Deputy General Director for Production,
Deputy General Director for Corporate Functions
Department for Production
Process productions and divisions
  • Production division
  • Production of Primary Crude Oil Distillation (PPCOD)
  • Production of Deep Crude Oil Distillation (PDCOD)
  • Production of Heavy Oil Residue Processing (PHORP)
  • Production of Sulfur and Utilities and Offsites (PS and U&O)
Feedstock and commodity production and dispatch
  • Division for oil products dispatch and work with crude oil suppliers
  • Production of oil products compounding and dispatch (POPCD)
Quality control of produced products
  • Technical division
  • Central refinery laboratory
Department for Reliability and Mechanical Integrity of Production Assets
  • Reliability division
  • Division of mechanical integrity control of equipment
Department for Management of Technical Maintenance and Repair of Equipment of Production Assets
  • Division of technical maintenance and repair of equipment
  • Division of production assets reconstruction
  • Material and technical supply division
Welfare and Safety and Environmental Protection Department
  • Welfare and safety division
  • Environmental protection division
  • Civil defense and emergency situations division
Economics and Finance Department
  • Division for budget, business and investment planning and economic analysis
  • Financing division
Procurement Department
  • Procurement and monitoring division
  • Price expertise division
HR Management and Labor and Wages Department
  • HR management division
  • Labor and wages division
Business Support Department
  • Division for legal groundwork and assets management
  • Public relations division
  • Administrative division
  • Material balance division
  • Risk management and management systems development division
  • Special division
  • Corporate safety division
  • Accounts division
  • Information technologies division