Highest Management Body

Sole participant

Management Body

Supervisory board of POCR LLP

Executive Body

Board of POCR LLP

Current Plant Management

General Director
Deputy General Director for Production/ Chief Engineer
Deputy General Director for Corporate Functions

Deputy General Director/ Technical Director

Managing Director for Logistics, Marketing and Procurement

Department for Production

  • Technical Division
  • Central Production and Dispatch Control

·         Production of Primary Crude Oil Distillation (PPCOD)

·         Production of Deep Crude Oil Distillation (PDCOD)

·         Production of Heavy Oil Residue Processing (PHORP)

·         Production of Sulfur and Utilities and Offsites (PS and U&O)

·         Production of Light Oil Products (PLOP)

·         Production of Oil Products Compounding and Dispatch (POPCD)

·         Sanitary Laboratory

Auxiliary Production

  • Water Supply and Sewerage Workshop (W&S)
  • Steam-Air Supply Workshop (SAS)
  • Electrical Supply Workshop
  • Workshop for Instrumentation and Technological Process Automation (I&A)
  • Repair, Construction and Installation Workshop (RCIW)
  • Mechanical Repair Workshop (MRW)
  • Access Road Maintenance Workshop (ARMW)

Department for Reliability and Mechanical Integrity of Production Assets

  • Reliability Division
  • Division of Mechanical Integrity of Equipment

Department for Management of Technical Maintenance and Repair of Equipment of Production Assets

  • Division of Technical Maintenance and Repair of Equipment
  • Division of Technical Maintenance and Repair of Buildings and Facilities

Energy Supply Department

  • Division of Energy Supply and Energy Efficiency

Department of Automation and Metrological Support

  • Division of Production Process Automation
  • Metrological Support Division

Department of Labor Safety and Environment

  • Occupational Safety and Health Service
  • Environmental Protection Service
  • Production Control Service
  • Department of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations

Department of Material and Technical Supply and Equipment Procurement

  • Material and Technical Supply Division
  • Warehousing and Equipment Procurement Division

Department of Capital Construction and New Projects

  • Capital Construction Division
  • New Projects Division

Oil Logistics and Marketing Department

  • Oil Products Shipping Division
  • Oil Balance and Purchase Division
  • Division of Sales and Work with Oil Suppliers

Department of Legal and Documentation Support

  • Legal Support Division
  • Documentation Support Division

Department of Digitalization, Information Technologies and Telecommunications

  • Information Technologies Division
  • Communication Systems and Telecommunications Division
  • Division of Support of Information Systems and Software of Technological Processes

Economics and Finance Department

  • Budget Planning Division
  • Division of Financing of Investment Projects and Treasury

Procurement Department

  • Procurement and Monitoring Division
  • Price Expertise Division

HR Management and Labor and Wages Department

  • HR Management Division
  • Labor and Wages Division



  • Division for Optimization Planning and Production Analysis
  • Infrastructure Maintenance Division
  • Special Division
  • Corporate Safety Division
  • Division of Risk Management and Management Systems Development
  • Public Relation Division
  • Division of Administrative and Economic Support