POCR LLP is a fire-, explosion- and gas-hazardous enterprise that is why the issues of securing fire and gas safety are under special control in the refinery.

In order to minimize emergency situations risks related to fire accidents the plant systematically takes measures to improve fire-fighting protection and performs regular fire-preventive actions. In the plant it is supervised by Civil Defense and Emergency Situations Division of the Labor Protection and Environment Department, and based on concluded contract, fire protection and fire-preventive activities in POCR LLP’s units are performed by fire and gas-rescue team of the Pavlodar Branch of «Өрт сөндіруші» JSC.

Proper arrangements of preventive measures in terms of fire safety allow to control and timely detect violations and deviations in operating the refinery from the requirements specified by standard technical documents in the field of fire safety, it helps to observe fire prevention regime and timely to prevent any fire accidents, ignitions and accidents on site.

The main tasks of the Civil Defense and Emergency Situations Division and fire and gas-rescue team of the Pavlodar Branch of «Өрт сөндіруші» JSC on site of POCR LLP:

  • Development and execution of measures aimed to removal of causes which may lead to fire accidents;
  • Localization of possible fire accidents and creation of conditions for successful evacuation of people and material values in case of fire;
  • Securing timely detection of fire, rapid alert notification of fire-fighting rescue team and successful extinguishing of fire accident.

Fire and gas rescue team:

  • takes part in work of structural divisions commission and also regular and fire safety commission;
  • checks fire safety conditions on designated objects in a form of preventive inspections by giving recommendations on discrepancies found and entering then into a log;
  • checks availability and condition of stationary fire-extinguishing means on designated objects areas with water release. Based on the results of inspection the team executes acts of inspection;
  • checks availability and condition of basic fire-extinguishing equipment with execution of act;
  • together with representatives of secured objects does inspections of automatic fire-extinguishing unit (УАПТ) and automatic fire alarm system (АПС) with execution of acts;
  • checks internal and external water supply with execution of act. Based on the results of inspections the team provides managers of secured object with some recommendations;
  • considers and coordinates approvals for firing works, provides regular control over their performance;
  • conducts instructions, briefings on fire-fighting, Basics of Fire Safety (ПТМ) for workers and employees of secured objects and contracting agencies;
  • in address of administration of secured object the team sends some recommendations, information letters regarding fire safety discrepancies found while inspection of stationary and basic fire-extinguishing equipment, automatic fire-extinguishing unit and automatic fire alarm system, firing work etc.

Special tactical training exercises of POCR LLP

Main targets of training:

  • to develop skills of command leaders in organization and performance of rescue operations in the face of fire;
  • to train manpower of commands in orchestrated actions for rescue of people in the face of fire, in first aid measures;
  • to practice skills according to evacuation plan of plant administration office staff.

Tactical training exercises allowed real evaluating of conditions and level of readiness of senior management and forces of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations, as well as consistency of actions for evacuation of people and first aid measures.

It was noted by trainers that training took place under conditions near to reality as much as possible, training objectives were achieved, assigned tasks were fulfilled.