Environmental assessment

Environmental assessment is implied as the process of identifying, studying, describing and assessing possible direct and indirect significant impacts of the implementation of a planned and ongoing activity or a document being developed on the environment.
The purpose of the environmental assessment is to prepare the materials necessary for making decisions on the implementation of the planned activity or document being developed that meet the goals and objectives of the environmental legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Environmental assessment by its types is organized and carried out in accordance with the Environmental Code and instructions approved by the authorized body in the field of environmental protection.

Forms of environmental assessment

Environmental assessment, depending on the subject of assessment, is carried out in the following form:
- strategic environmental assessment;
- environmental impact assessments;
- assessment of transboundary impacts;
- environmental assessment according to a simplified procedure.

In 2023, Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP passed an environmental assessment for the following projects:

1. Environmental impact assessment:
- construction of a liquefied petroleum gas treatment unit at Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP;
- installation of new wet gas compressors of KT-1compressor room at Deep Crude Oil Processing Unit (start-up complexes 1 and 2) at Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP.

2. Environmental assessment according to a simplified procedure:
- implementation of a modern automation system for compressors ПК-301, ПК-302, ПК-303, ПК-304, ЦК-201, ЦК-301 of gas compressor room of Primary Crude Oil Distillation Unit;
- replacement of compressors K-2, K-3, K-4, K-5 of vacuum-compressor station of Stem-Air Supply workshop;
- changing the cooling system of pumping equipment using coolant with low corrosive activity in a closed circuit at sections C-100, C-200, C-300, C-400 of Primary Crude Oil Distillation Unit;
- major repairs of railway tracks No. 16, No. 23 and No. 28;
- major repairs of railway tracks No. 22 and No. 22A;
- major repairs of railway tracks No. 26 and No. 27 and railway track No. 2;
- modernization of instrumentation devices and implementation of the DeltaV automation system;
- modernization of the process flow cooling system by installing a VFD;
- equipping a stationary system for monitoring the technical condition of equipment at Sulfur Production No. 5;
- re-equipment of tanks P-1 and P-2 of park 29-3;
- reconstruction of deep oil refining production;
- reconstruction of the automatic fire alarm system and automatic fire extinguishing of the commodity and raw materials park;
- reconstruction of the S840 sulfur granulation plant for sulfur production;
- construction of a checkpoint for entry/exit of service company employees;
- construction of a furnace for the production of bitumen for the processing of heavy oil residues;
- construction of a wastewater filtration station after the first biological treatment system;
- construction of an LPG purification plant;
- technical re-equipment of automated process control systems of Primary Crude Oil Distillation Unit (LK-6U) and Deep Crude Oil Processing Unit;
- technical re-equipment of technological furnaces LK-6U and KT-1;
- technical re-equipment of electric dehydrators ЭГ-160 of the ELOU unit;
- installation of an automated emissions monitoring system;

For the above projects, The Environmental Impact Permit for Category I facilities №KZ15VCZ03216544 dated April 10, 2023 was obtained.