The Complex of Sulfur Production has been put into operation in 2017. It consists of the following units:

Section of sour water stripper (С-500/С-600)

Sections of sour water stripper С-500/С-600 are designed for accumulation of sour water from units of OPCOP C-100, ODCOP C-100 and C-200, DCU, then for separation of any hydrocarbons residues and further treatment of sour water in stripping column (stripping-process). The purpose of stripping-process is recovery from sour water of acid gases, ammonia (NH3) and mostly hydrogen sulfide (H2S) - 60-65% mass. and production of stripped water for recycling. Designed capacity of the section is 79 t/hour.

Section of amine regeneration (С-850)

Section of amine regeneration (С-850) is designed for regeneration of saturated amine (MDEA) coming from process units of the refinery, afterwards the regenerated amine is sent back to hydrotreating units, and stripped hydrogen sulfide containing gasses serve as a feedstock for production of sulfur in the section of sulfur recovery and tail gas treatment (А-710). The section consists of two identical blocks of amine regeneration. The capacity of the unit is 2890 thousand tons a year.

Section of sulfur recovery and tail gas treatment (А710)

Section of sulfur recovery and tail gas treatment (А710, licensed technology by Siirtec Nigi) is designed for processing acis gas coming from amine regeneration section (С850) and sour water stripper (С500/С600) with production of degassed liquid sulfur, from which afterwards they produce high-quality products – granulated sulfur in the section of sulfur granulation (С840). The designed capacity of the section of sulfur recovery and tail gas treatment (А710) is 60 thousand tons a year, sulfur recovery efficiency from feed gases is 99,9 %.

Section of sulfur granulation and packing С840

Section С840 is designed for granulation of liquid sulfur coming from sulfur recovery section А710 for the purpose of producing hard pellets of spherical form as a finished commercial product. The capacity of the section of sulfur granulation and packing – 72000 th/year of sulfur.

Utilities and Offsites


Condensate Treatment and Feed Water Unit consists of the combined production facilities with outdoor services and it combines the equipment of the following process systems:

-       Е904 Steam distribution and condensate collecting system;

-       Е907 System of boiler feed water preparation and distribution;

-       Е909 Condensate recovery and treatment system;

-       Е909/1 Heating water system;

-       E908 Demi water distribution system.

Е910 Система пожаротушения новых технологических установок и резервуаров обеспечивающая пожаротушение новых технологических установок.