Water consumption and wastewater disposal

In its activities, Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP strives to reduce water consumption, increase the efficiency of water resource use, increase the reuse and recycling of water, improve the quality of wastewater and minimize the impact on natural water bodies.

The basic principles of water resources management are:
1. We recognize the highest value of water for human life and health, for society and our production activities, and unconditionally accept the importance of a careful and rational attitude to the country’s water resources.
2. We strive not only to comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also to comply with international standards and best practices, as well as take into account the opinions of all stakeholders in the region of presence.
3. We consider freshwater conservation and efficiency in our management decisions and operations.
4. We understand and evaluate the original sources of our water intake, regardless of whether the water is taken directly or purchased through intermediaries.
5. We strive not to use potable quality water for production purposes.
6. We strive for 100% instrumentation of water intake and wastewater disposal.
7. We strive to minimize fresh water intake through the introduction of water recycling and water-saving technologies, and to reduce discharge volumes, striving to improve the quality of water treatment for the maximum possible reuse.
8. We build capacity by participating in industry associations and supporting international water initiatives to learn best practices to continually improve our water management system.

Specific water consumption
for the enterprise’s own (production) needs,
m3/ton of refined oil:

       Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP is one of the oil refineries that returns more than 60% of treated wastewater for production needs.
The return of treated wastewater in 2023 amounted to 3,438 thousand m3 (70%).

Specific water disposal into surface
water bodies of contaminated water
without purification or insufficiently
purified, m3/ton of processed oil