Environmental permit on impact for objects
of category I: 

Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP received an Environmental Impact Permit for Category I facilities No. KZ15VCZ03216544 dated April 10, 2023 (hereinafter referred to as the Environmental Permit).
The environmental permit for Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP for 2023 - 2024 sets the following standards:

Year Standards, tons
emissions pollutants into atmospheric air discharges pollutants to the storage device "Sarymsak " waste disposal waste accumulation
2023 20,899.15697 937.07402 3 109.16000 70 605.35143
2024 20 499.32915 1,285.98762 2 859.23000 60 710.93720

The environmental permit includes emission standards, waste accumulation and disposal limits for the following facilities of Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP:
-petrochemical plant (industrial site);
-solid waste storage facility (landfill);
-wastewater storage tank “Sarymsak”;
-service organizations operating on the territory of the enterprise.
The environmental permit applies to the planned activities of Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP:
-implementation of a modern automation system for compressors ПК-301, ПК-302, ПК-303, ПК-304, ЦК-201, ЦК-301 of gas compressor room of Primary Crude Oil Distillation Unit;
-replacement of compressors K-2, K-3, K-4, K-5 of vacuum-compressor station of Stem-Air Supply workshop;
-changing the cooling system of pumping equipment using coolant with low corrosive activity in a closed circuit at sections C-100, C-200, C-300, C-400 of Primary Crude Oil Distillation Unit;
-major repairs of railway tracks No. 16, No. 23 and No. 28;
-major repairs of railway tracks No. 22 and No. 22A;
-major repairs of railway tracks No. 26 and No. 27 and railway track No. 2;
-modernization of instrumentation devices and implementation of the DeltaV automation system;
-modernization of the process flow cooling system by installing a VFD;
-equipping a stationary system for monitoring the technical condition of equipment at Sulfur Production No. 5;
-re-equipment of tanks P-1 and P-2 of park 29-3;
-reconstruction of deep oil refining production;
-reconstruction of the automatic fire alarm system and automatic fire extinguishing of the commodity and raw materials park;
-reconstruction of the S840 sulfur granulation plant for sulfur production;
-construction of a checkpoint for entry/exit of service company employees;
-construction of a furnace for the production of bitumen for the processing of heavy oil residues;
-construction of a wastewater filtration station after the first biological treatment system;
-construction of an LPG purification plant;
-technical re-equipment of automated process control systems of Primary Crude Oil Distillation Unit (LK-6U) and Deep Crude Oil Processing Unit;
-technical re-equipment of technological furnaces LK-6U and KT-1;
-technical re-equipment of electric dehydrators ЭГ-160 of the ELOU unit;
-installation of an automated emissions monitoring system;
-installation of new wet gas compressors at compressor KT-1 Deep Crude Oil Processing Unit.

Analysis of changes in standards,
installed for Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP
between 2020 and 2024