Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery (POCR LLP) is the largest enterprise in the northeast of Kazakhstan for oil refining and production of oil products and one of the three oil refineries of the Republic, 100% of shares are owned by “National Company “KazMunayGas” JSC.

The refinery was put into operation in 1978 and is focused on processing of oil raw materials of West Siberian oil fields. The enterprise has a balanced capacity of 6,0 million tons of crude oil per year.

POCR produces a wide range of oil products. Among them motor petrol of various brands, diesel fuel, oil fuel (mazout), hydrocarbon liquefied gases, vacuum gas oil, technical sulfur, bitumen of several grades (construction, road, roofing), petroleum coke.

The structure of the refinery includes a Complex of Crude Oil Primary Distillation (LK-6U), Complex of Compounding and Oil Products Dispatch, Complex of Crude Oil Advanced Processing (a fuel complex – KT-1 for deep processing of fuel oil), Complex of Heavy Oil Residue Processing which includes the several process units such as: Delayed Coking Unit, Coke Calcination Unit, Bitumen Production Unit, Sulfur Recovery Unit, Sulfur Granulation Unit. At the refinery there are Hydrogen Production Unit and Oil Sludge Processing Unit, as well as large auxiliary units – Water Supply and Sewerage plant and Central Refinery Laboratory (CRL).

As a result of the upgrading project implementation two new complexes of process units were built and commissioned in December 2017 at the Refinery: Isomerization and Naphtha Splitter unit and Complex of Sulfur Recovery Units. The 12 new U&O facilities have been built for normal operation of constructed and brought into service units. In addition, there were revamped existing production capacities: Complex of Crude Oil Primary Distillation and Complex of Crude Oil Advanced Processing, as well as Delayed Coking Unit. All these measures ensured the production of K-4 motor fuels: diesel and gasoline of RON-92, 95 in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 013/2011.

The enterprise has well-developed Utilities & Offsite facilities: commodity and raw feed tank farms, liquefied gases tank farm, loading and unloading racks for oil products transportation by rail and road transport.

The refinery conducts an active social policy; all necessary conditions are created for labor, life and health of employees.

The priority for POCR today is to ensure the production of motor fuels corresponding to the ecological classes K4, K5, in the amount necessary for the country’s needs, increase technical resource of the refinery, its output for a three-year inter-repair cycle, production of Jet A jet fuel of international standard which is new for the refinery.