The Refinery is designed for oil refining in fuel profile and it is processing it using the following processes:

  • Electrodehydration and desalting of crude oil;
  • Primary crude oil distillation;
  • Hydrotreating of naphtha, kerosene, diesel fuel, and vacuum gasoil;
  • Catalytic reforming;
  • Catalytic cracking;
  • Naphtha splitter;
  • Isomerization;
  • Gas fractionation;
  • Production of petroleum bitumen;
  • Production of coke;
  • Production of sulfur.

Design capacity of Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery is 6 mln. tons a year. The main technology process for primary crude oil distillation is carried out at the complex of LK-6u, which advantage is the complete cycle of processing and a set of the following units:

  • С-100 - Electrodehydration and desalting, and atmospheric distillation of crude oil;
  • С-200/1- Naphtha hydrotreating;
  • С-200/2 – Catalytic reforming;
  • С-300/1 – Diesel fuel hydrotreating;
  • С-300/2 – Kerosene hydrotreating;
  • С-400 – Gas fractionation.

For extending of crude oil processing depth the unique complex KT-1 for oil residue deep processing has been launched for the first time in the CIS countries. It consists of:

  • С-001 – Vacuum distillation of oil residue;
  • С-100 – Vacuum gasoil hydrotreating;
  • С-200 – Catalytic cracking;
  • С-300 - Absorption and gas fractionation;
  • С-400 – Flue gas waste-heat recovery.

For processing heavy crude oil residues the following units are functioning at the refinery:

  • Bitumen production unit (consisting of the block of vacuum distillation of fuel oil and the block of oxidizing columns;

Delayed coking unit, designed for petroleum coke production, it includes the rectification block, the reactor block and steam generation section.

During modernization of the refinery a new combined unit of Sulfur production has been built, designed for regeneration of water solution of methyldiethanolamine and recovery of sulfur.

Also, within the limits of modernization, to produce motor gasoline meeting the quality standard corresponding to class К-4 there are the following units built in the refinery:

  • Naphtha splitter unit;
  • Light naphtha isomerization unit.

The plant central laboratory with modern equipment carries out the quality control of output goods and it includes the following subdivisions:

  • Output control laboratory;
  • Process monitoring laboratory;
  • Sanitary laboratory;
  • Research laboratory.