The Refinery is designed for oil refining in fuel profile and it is processing it using the following processes:

  • Electrodehydration and desalting of crude oil;
  • Primary crude oil distillation;
  • Hydrotreating of naphtha, kerosene, diesel fuel, and vacuum gasoil;
  • Catalytic reforming;
  • Catalytic cracking;
  • Naphtha splitter;
  • Isomerization;
  • Gas fractionation;
  • Production of petroleum bitumen;
  • Production of coke;
  • Production of sulfur.

Design capacity of Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery is 6 mln. tons a year. The main technology process for primary crude oil distillation is carried out at the combined unit of LK-6u, which advantage is the complete cycle of processing and a set of the following units:

  • С-100 - Electrodehydration and desalting, and atmospheric distillation of crude oil;
  • С-200/1- Naphtha hydrotreating;
  • С-200/2 – Catalytic reforming;
  • С-300/1 – Diesel fuel hydrotreating;
  • С-300/2 – Kerosene hydrotreating;
  • С-400 – Gas fractionation.

For extending of crude oil processing depth the unique complex KT-1 for oil residue deep processing has been launched for the first time in the CIS countries. It consists of:

  • С-001 – Vacuum distillation of oil residue;
  • С-100 – Vacuum gasoil hydrotreating;
  • С-200 – Catalytic cracking;
  • С-300 - Absorption and gas fractionation;
  • С-400 – Flue gas waste-heat recovery.

For processing heavy crude oil residues the following units are functioning at the refinery:

  • Bitumen production unit (consisting of the block of vacuum distillation of fuel oil and the block of oxidizing columns;
  • Delayed coking unit, designed for petroleum coke production, it includes the rectification block and the reactor block;
  • Sulfur production unit, designed for regeneration of water solution of methyldiethanolamine and recovery of sulfur.

To produce motor gasoline meeting the quality standard corresponding to class К-4 there are the following units built in the refinery:

  • Naphtha splitter unit;
  • Light naphtha isomerization unit.

The plant central laboratory with modern equipment carries out the quality control of output goods and it includes the following subdivisions:

  • Output control laboratory;
  • Process monitoring laboratory;
  • Sanitary laboratory;
  • Research laboratory.

The high-skilled specialists work here controlling the quality of goods in compliance with international standard in the field of oil refining.