In accordance with the Industrial-innovative policy of National Welfare Fund “Samruk-Kazyna” JSC and the development strategy of NC KazMunayGas JSC it has been developed the Strategy of Innovative and Technological Development of NC KazMunayGas JSC for 2014-2018, please find out more about here.


For revival and further development of efficiency drive it has been developed the relevant regulations.


3.1 Participation in 2013 in the Republican contest «RATIONALIZER.KZ», arranged by “National Agency for technological development” JSC.

The topics of implemented innovative offers: «Revamping of globe valve by modifying rod seal» (to open video clips)Revamping of globe valve by modifying rod seal and «Increase of recycled steam condensate amount to heat-power station (ТЭЦ-3) by installation of pH-factor control unit» (to open video clips)Increase of recycled steam condensate amount to heat-power station (ТЭЦ-3) by installation of pH-factor control unit have become the finalists of the contest.

KMG-R&M JSC was the winner in nomination of «Best Efficiency Drive Support System».

The runners-up of the Republican contest have received letters of award from Mr. Daniyar Tiyessov, General Director of KazMunayGas-R&M JSC, for their contribution to development of innovative culture and rationalization activity.

3.2 Participation in 2015 in the contest of the best innovative projects among young specialists, arranged by NC KazMunayGas JSC within the limits of the United Youth Policy.

The contestants were young specialists with their innovative projects. From POCR LLP side there were 6 authors, where 2 topics: «Use of oil sludge in production of bricks» and «Offer on introduction of mandatory installation of amperometers on motor pumps and other equipment» reached the final, and the author of innovative project on the subject of: « Use of oil sludge in production of bricks» Ms. Aikerim Izuyeva, laboratory assistant of chemical analysis of the Central Refinery Laboratory workshop No.11, was announced the winner.

3.3 Participation of young specialists and presenting the reports for innovative projects in the VIII Youth Forum KAZENERGY.

3.4 Participation in the National Innovations Contest, arranged by the “National Agency for technological development” JSC.

Totally in the contest there were 150 topics of rationalization offers from industrial plants of the Republic of Kazakstan.

From POCR LLP the best 5 implemented rationalization offers, among which one topic: «Turning device of tube bundles» reached the final and run up 2nd place in nomination «The best rationalization solution of the year». The authors of this offer: Mr. Amangeldy Sabirov, mechanic of section C-001 workshop №3 and Mr. Yevgeniy Trussov, lead engineer for equipment complement and U/O materials, Equipment Acceptance Department, workshop № 59 have been awarded by Mr. Asset Isekeshev, Minister of Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the letters of award and prize certificate for 1 500 000 Tenge.


For the purpose of a more transparent and unbiased assessment of innovative idea there was created the automated data base, unified for the KMG-R&M Group, covering all innovative offers, operating under direct access the so called «Bank of Ideas». It allows collecting, registration and assessing useful innovative offers of any nature, scale and complexity not only from internal employees but also from external ones: students, scientists etc. Each idea will be subject to a detailed expert assessment and will be checked for the compliance with the company’s interests. Authors of offers, which were acknowledged as innovatory and suitable for introduction, will be rewarded by one-off payment, the rate of which will correspond to calculated degree of usefulness and efficiency. You can make an application to “Bank of Ideas” here.


1) Study of possibility of water and process condensate purification with electrooxidation.

2) Development of catalysts for cracking of heavy oil fractions into ecologically clean motor fuels.

3) Study of possibility of aromatics obtaining from LPG.

4) Study of possibility of industrial wastewater post-treatment and desalination.

5) Study of possibility of domestic catalysts using to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

6) Disposal of accumulated bottom sludge.

7) Demetallization and desulphurization of raw material for coking.


1. Implementation of the International Standard ISO 50001-2011 “Energy Management System”

POCR LLP has developed and implemented an energy management system in accordance with the International Standard ISO 50001-2011, as well as in the period from 9th to 13th of December 2013 held the certification audit and confirmed the compliance with the International Certification body TUV Turingen.

2. Energy audit.

According to Article 16 of the Republic of Kazakhstan Law “Regarding energy saving and energy efficiency increase”, subjects of the State energy register, except for public institutions, are obliged within four years from the date of enactment of this Law to receive the report on results of the audit.

On POCR LLP within the period from 29th September 2014 till 31.08.2015, Axens KGNT Energy Efficiency Company conducted an energy audit. As a result of this work it was developed and approved a Program to improve energy efficiency of POCR LLP for the period of 2016 – 2020.

3. Activity performed in the period from 2010 till 2015.

1) Replacement of fuel burners in heaters П-101, П-102, П-201, П-202, П-203, П-301/1, П-301/2 of LK-6U unit;

2) Delayed Coker Unit (DCU): replacement of pump Н-10;

3) Replacement of economizer and air heater in waste heat boiler П-401;

4) Replacement of waste heat boiler П-402/1 heating surfaces;

5) Central condensate station (CCS): assembling of unit for correction of рН of steam condensate pumped to TEC-3;

6) Installation of condensate traps on the refinery steam consumption units;

7) Assembling of unit for correction of рН of steam in waste heat boilers КУ-101, КУ-201 of LK-6U complex;

8) Installation of instrument gages of gas and liquid fuel in heaters П-101 and П-102 of KT-1 complex, instrument gage of liquid fuel in heater П-601/2;

9) Transition of process equipment and pipe lines heating from steam to heating water;

10) Replacement of fuel burners in heater П-1 of Bitumen Production Unit;

11) Replacement of heat insulation on process equipment;

12) Replacement of lamps with incandescent lampt with LED-lamp;

13) Installation of capacitor banks with automatic regulator of reactive power in electrical network;

14) Retooling of air-compressor station compressors for lubrication free exploitation;

15) Installation of instrument gages of fuel gas flow rate in heater.

4. Program on POCR LLP energy efficiency increase for the period of 2016-2020 (following the results of energy audit)

1) Decreasing of losses from flaring;

2) Decreasing of О2 content in off gases of heaters;

3) Installation on boiler of burners with forced air supply;

4) Replacement of furnace lining:

– П-201, П-202, П-204, П-301/1,2 of LK-6U unit;

– П-601/2 of KT-1 unit;

– П-1/1,2, П-2 of Delayed Coker Unit;

5) Use of DCU heaters off gases for air heating supplied for fuel burning;

6) Heat insulation of steam net damper valves;

7) Installation and replacement of condensate traps;

8) Alignment of heating nets;

9) Аssembling of underground pipeline of waste water from POCR LLP to Sarymsak lake-accumulator;

10) Optimization of heat exchangers scheme of Bitumen Production Unit (pinch analysis);

11) Implementation of frequency-regulated drives;

12) Implementation of devices for compensation of reactive power.