Analytical control of technological processes and quality of commercial products is an integral part of the production process. This work is provided by the Workshop No.11 Quality Control Department – Central Refinery Laboratory.

The Workshop No.11 includes three laboratories:

  • Control Laboratory;

  • Commodity laboratory;

  • Sanitary laboratory.

According to the annual request for laboratories of the Workshop No.11 it is acquired modern testing equipment.  

Now in development and in process of operation it is used is acquired in December, 2013 new chromatograph “Chromatek-Crystal 5000.2”, which serves for the analysis of hydrogen sulphide, methyl mercaptan and ethyl mercaptan in the crude oil.

For control laboratory it was acquired automatic analyzer of fractional composition under reduced pressure HERZOG HDV 632.

For commodity laboratory were purchased the following items:

  • Atomic absorption spectrometer with a flaring atomizer AANALYST 400, designed for the determination of lead and manganese in gasoline;

  • Thermal oxidation stability of aviation fuels Analyzer JFTOT 230 MARK, designed to secure the study of thermal oxidation of any petroleum-based fuel oil, in our case, the aircraft fuel TS-1;

  • Automatic potentiometric titrator AT 510-10 with polarized preamplifier ROT-51, designed to determine the bromine number.

For sanitary laboratory it was acquired two spectrophotometers SF-2000 and two FLUORATES for determination of oxygen chemical demand, the content of phenols and oil in the water and block “Thermion” for determination of COD in the waters.

On the basis of the Quality Control Department – Central Refinery Laboratory it was created and operates an accredited test center for compliance with the requirements of ST RK ISO / IEC 17025-2007 “General requirements to the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”.

The presence of an accredited test center allows making tests on the base of our laboratories upon confirmation of conformity (certification and declaration) of products produced by “POCR”LLP.

Sanitary laboratory received accreditation certificate No. KZ.I.14.1343 dated November, 5 2012 in the Republic of Kazakhstan accreditation for compliance with ST RK ISO / IEC 17025-2007 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”.