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Production veteran, chemical analysis lab worker of 5th category at the production laboratory of the workshop No. 11 (refinery’s central laboratory).

On February 24, Tatyana Kibartas, lab worker of the chemical analysis at the laboratory No. 11 retired. Her colleagues and management gathered to pay their dues to the devoted employee who had worked 29 years at the refinery: managing director on staff and social issues at the POCR Altyn Imantayeva, head of the lab Tatyana Ohim, head of the production lab Tatyana Krakhalyova. 

Tatiana Kibartas is a highly qualified specialist of the Pavlodar Oil and Chemistry Refinery (POCR) LLP at the testing center. Her responsibilities include participating in the testing of products to confirm their compliance with the declared quality, which includes certification, declaration and proper quality assurance.

During her work at the factory Tatiana has showed herself from the positive side: as a disciplined and executive employee and got the job done efficiently on time. Among the laboratory personnel Tatiana enjoys a well-deserved reputation. She showed herself as an experienced worker, constantly improving her knowledge. So, in 2003, Tatiana graduated from the Pavlodar Chemical and Mechanical College with a degree in ‘oil and gas processing technology’ while working.

Her special achievements include her active part in the renewal of marketable laboratory in 2007-2008. Tatiana responsibly accepted and learn the new, for that time, lab equipment: automatic potentiometric titrator to determine the content of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan sulfur in liquid petroleum products and gas, bomb calorimeter to determine the heat of fuel combustion. She also created new instruments on the methods of research, trained staff of the laboratory to properly hold operations of the equipment and perform the test method on modern instruments.

Thanks to her professional and personal traits Tatiana has become an example for the younger generations at the POCR.

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