As a result of economic growth within recent years in the Republic of Kazakhstan there are some trends formed which are similar to world-wide tendencies – increase of consumption and change in the assortment of consumed oil products, requirement strengthening to quality of fuel, strengthening of environmental requirements.

In this regard, in order to ensure security of energy supply, upgrading of production efficiency, reduction of POL import from neighboring countries, as well as production of motor fuels in line with requirements of ecological classes К-4, К5, POCR LLP is implementing the project of “Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery Upgrading”.

In accordance with the goals the POCR Upgrading project assumes construction of new and revamping of existing process units, as well as Utilities and Offsites.

The project is being developed in accordance with strategic directions and goals specified in state and industrial programs:

1. State program of industrial-innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015-2019, approved by the Decree№ 874 of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 01.08.2014.

2. Decree № 1418 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 31.12.2014 – the project has been included in the Republican Industrialization Map for 2015-2019.

3. Decree № 567 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 28.05.2014 – the project is included in the Comprehensive Plan for development of oil and gas sector for 2014-2018.

4. Decree № 1293 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 01.09.2009 – the project of POCR Upgrading is included in the List of investment strategic projects of the country.


Based on the Cooperation Agreement signed between "National Company "KazMunayGas" JSC and Italian Holding Eni S.p.A. in November 2009, Eni S.p.A developed Feasibility Study (FS) of the project.

31.10.2011 FS of the project obtained positive conclusion of the Republican state enterprise on the basis of a right of economic jurisdiction "State interdepartmental expertise of projects" (RSE "Gosexpertiza").

29.08.2014 the corrected FS, where the project has been divided to 3 Start-up complexes, obtained positive conclusion of RSE "Gosexpertiza".

03.12.2015 it was received positive conclusion of RSE “Gosexpertiza” for the set of Front End Engineering Design documentation (FEED) of Start-up complex 1 of the project.

Nowadays there is a comprehensive interdepartmental expertise going on of the FEED package for Start-up complexes 2,3 in the RSE” Gosexpertiza" (Astana). General designer – the Science & Research and design institute of oil refining and petrochemical industry – VNIPIneft OJSC (Moscow, Russian Federation).

As Basic Design developers there will be also foreign companies-licensors of oil refining technologies taking part in implementation of upgrading project:

  • UOP Limited (United Kingdom) – Hydrotreating of vacuum gasoil, FCC, Isomerization.
  • Siirtec Nigi (Italy) – Sulfur Recovery Unit.
  •  Haldor Topsoe (Denmark) – DHT, KHT, NHT.


To meet goals of the project there will be the following new process units:

  • Isomerization unit, which allows production of high-octane components of commercial gasoline from low-octane fractions of crude oil by means of structural change of carbon skeleton. 
  • Naphtha Splitter, assigned for separation of naphtha to light and heavy fractions for further processes of isomerization and reforming.
  • Sulfur Recovery Unit and Tail Gas Treatment, assigned for treating sour gas from amine regeneration unit and sour water stripper with production of sulfur.
  • Sour Water Stripper for treatment of incoming effluents from refinery units (2 lines).
  • Amine Regeneration Unit, assigned for regeneration of the entire quantity of rich amine incoming from process units.

Apart from new units there will be also revamping of the following process units:

  • Revamping of Crude Distillation Unit implies implementation of UnderCut strategy (output of heavy diesel fraction from atmospheric column to vacuum gasoil hydrotreating unit).
  • Existing Diesel Fuel Hydrotreating Unit produces commercial diesel product of К-2 quality. Revamping of the unit with replacement of spent hydrotreating catalyst will allow production of diesel fuel of ecological class K-5 quality.
  • It is foreseen to revamp Vacuum Gasoil Hydrotreating Unit and Catalytic Cracking Unit. The goal is a deep desulfurization of vacuum gasoil and production of gasoline component with low sulfur content.
  • Kerosene Hydrotreating Unit is necessary for production of kerosene by means of sulfur, unsaturated hydrocarbons and other impurities content reduction.

The works for revamping of existing process units are performed by POCR with involving of subcontracting agencies for development of detail design documentation, procurement and delivery of equipment, performance of construction and assembly works.

To be in line with deadlines of the project POCR LLP has signed the agreements with following companies-subcontractors:

30.07.2013 it was signed the agreement with SC Rominserv S.R.L (Romania) for development of Detail Design documentation, Procurement of equipment and materials, execution of construction and assembly works (ЕРС-Contract) for combined unit of Isomerisation and Naphtha Splitter, as well as U/O.

On 18.06.2015 it was signed a contract with China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. company (People’s Republic of China) and “Engineering Company “KAZGIPRONEFTETRANS” LLP for DDE documentation development and adaptation to the Republic of Kazakhstan norms and rules as well as for procurement and delivery of required process equipment for construction of new Sulfur Recovery Block of units.   

On 24.11.2015 with subsidiary of China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. – “NFC Kazakhstan” LLP it was concluded a contract for Construction-Assembly Works performance on Sulfur Recovery Block of units.

Contracts foresee execution of all works aimed to the Project guaranteed performance criteria achievement.

On 04.12.2015 it was received approval documents for the Project Start-up Complex 1 Construction-Assembly Works performance.  

Currently on the area of Isomerization Unit and Naphtha Splitter unit Construction-Assembly Works are being performed, assembling of two isomerate tanks are in progress.   

Implementation of the Project in 2017 will allow providing of the Republic of Kazakhstan consumers with quality oil products which correspond to the requirements of ecological classes K4, K5 and decreasing of negative impact on the environment by means of new technologies implementation, control automation increase, rational use of natural resources.