Commodity and raw feed tank farms

The complex of light oil products– it is a new complex, located at isomerization unit with separation block (splitter) of naphtha, it was commissioned in December 2017. The Isomerization and Naphtha Splitter Unit is designed for producing high-octane component of gasoline – commercial isomerate.

This combined unit consists of:

  • А100 Isomerization (PENEX);
  • B300S Naphtha Splitter.
Naphtha Splitter

B300S Naphtha Splitter is designed for separation of hydrotreated fraction of naphtha from naphtha hydrotreating unit into light and heavy naphtha in order to send it as a feed for isomerization unit and catalytic reforming unit. The capacity is 1961 thousand tons per year.

Isomerization Unit

А100 Isomerization Unit (licensed process of UOP) is designed for producing isomerate – high-octane component of gasoline pool with a low content of aromatic hydrocarbons, benzene and olefins. The feedstock for producing this product is light naphtha from naphtha splitter. The capacity is 570 thousand per year.